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News From the Sugarhouse



Our Maine Maple Sunday Weekend was AMAZING!  We loved having everyone come out and share our love of maple! 

It seems maple season is upon us...however, Mother Nature is sure playing a little trick on us with the weather...we seem to be having a freeze thaw freeze thaw kind of spring!  Although, we are able to boil some GREAT SMELLING SWEET sap at 2.7% most of the time!  This is good news for us!

Our next endeavor will be producing our Birch Syrup...the trees have been tapped and we are just waiting for the first mosquito to arrive to let us know it's time!  Not many people look forward to mosquitos as much as we do!

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Visit us at the sugarhouse, or on our online store to keep yourself in supply of all our specialty crafted maple creations. Everything is made right here, by hand, by us.

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