Here at The Maple Moose in Easton, Maine, we produce 100% pure Maine Maple Syrup.  We are open during the maple season which is when sap runs, here in Aroostook County can be anytime from the end of February to the first of April.  We are proud to be a member of the Maine Maple Producers Association (MMPA) which helps us stay aware of current issues around the globe that have effects on maple syrup in Maine.

Maine Maple Sunday is an important weekend event in which many of Maine’s sugarhouses open their doors for the public with special events and taste testing of their maple product.  Some events include: 

  • Sugarbush tours
  • Sugarhouse demonstration
  • Warm maple syrup tasting
  • Maple taffy on snow
  • Maple cream on spoons

Come learn how to make Maine Maple Syrup from a modern tubing system to boiling sap and bottling your finished syrup.  Find our directions to 28 Bowers Road, Easton, on our Maine map or the MMPA web site,

Our maple syrup operation is open for school or private tours.  We ask that you call for information.

Maple Syrup:

The Maple Moose in Easton, Maine, invites you to taste our own maple syrup for yourself.  Each day’s run of sap is personally boiled down separately, then graded and taste-tested before we offer it to you, so you can enjoy the very best maple syrup the way you choose.

We offer syrup in 3 color grades and flavors, light, medium and dark.  Or, choose a variety sample pack to find which one pleases you the best.

All our products are 100% Maine Made and satisfaction guaranteed.

We are proud to live in and call home Aroostook County, The Crown of Maine.

Get in Touch!

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Easton, Maine 
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